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Strange! Is Amano’s that good a catch!? Is he having it good? No… That’s not true right?

I didn’t know what’s happening anymore.

After we reached the school gate, we changed into indoor shoes, then walked towards the second year classrooms together. After this short period of silence, Aguri suddenly said to me with a rare tense expression:

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“Tasuku, w-what did you do after school… yesterday?”

“Huh? M-Me?”

The question was too sudden, which made my heart waver. I still recalled what happened yesterday, and reported honestly:

“Well… I chatted with Hoshinomori and Amano… Ah, then Amano left first…”

“Ahem, a-after that…?”

“After that… Oh right, I don’t think you know her, the Hoshinomori I mentioned is a girl from Class A.”

“I-Is that so… W-What kind of girl is she?”

Aguri was interested in Hoshinomori for some reason… I could understand if she wants to talk about Tendo or Amano… but she wants to learn about Hoshinomori who was completely unrelated to her? Strange.

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“What kind of girl… Well, looks gloomy at first, nerdy, and have an aura of not having any friends…”

“O-Oh… Is that so…”

Aguri suddenly flicked her hair, and she looked a little smug…?

“Ah, but after actually talking to her, she is actually a nice person, and is interesting to talk about gaming with her. Also, she is the classical hidden gem, the type that loses to others because she doesn't dress up.”

“... I see~~... Ahah… hah…”