I have heard that I will make money on my business.

I have heard that I will make money on my business.

I got what I want a couple seconds later. Then, I showed Main-san. She squinted her eyes curiously.

“Hmm? What? Chocolate? …Black Thunder? …Uh, ah, that’s the important Valentine’s chocolate Mii said earlier…”

Main-san finally realized it. Yep, …it’s good that she knows what this is.

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I showed a charming smile and slowly peeled off the wrapping paper-

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-I tore Aguri-san’s Black Thunder chocolate’s wrap apart.

At the next moment-

“Ah, hey-“

-Main-san dropped her jaw as I shoved all of the chocolate into my mouth.

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So, I chewed the tasteless chocolate violently.

Then, I rubbed the wrapping paper and threw it into the bin before walking to the door. Then, when I’m passing over Main-san- I yelled loudly with my mouth full of chocolate.

“I’ll be leaving!”

Facing my utterly idiotic action-

Main-san looks shocked for a moment. However, she immediately said, “Fantastic!” She showed a genuinely happy smile. …Thanks.

So, I stomped on the ground loudly as I went out. Main-san sent me her usual mischievous laughs.