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After sending his assistant off, Zhao Xuming’s heart, which had been hanging in his throat, finally settled down.

Once the standard of the official commentators improved, no one would use the bunny tail live-stream to trample on the official platform anymore, right?

There shouldn’t be any more problems after this matter was resolved, right?

Zhao Xuming was speechless. He had been caught between various live-stream platforms and Bunny Tail live-streams for no reason. He could not help but sway along with the wind. He had always been blamed or implicated for no reason.

He had tried to clean up someone’s mess but Long Yu Corporation had declined. On the other hand, the popularity of Bunny Tail Live-Stream was increasing. Who could he reason with?

Liang Qingfan, Zhang Yahui, and Bao Xu drank tea as they discussed the details of the snack market in the office of Sloth Apartments.

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“As for the location, it cannot be in the downtown area, nor can it be too remote. There cannot be any Tengda businesses in the vicinity.”

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“Then, the renovation style has to be trendy and cool. The vendors usually implement a uniform management and flexible working system.”

“As for the rest... I don’t think there is anymore. That’s all Boss Pei wants.”

Zhang Yahui first repeated Boss Pei’s request.

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Zhang Yahui still did not have a very clear concept of this snack market. That was because he was only the owner of a snack stall. He made roasted cold noodles. Even though he knew the location and the process of setting up stalls very well, designing a large snack market was completely beyond his capabilities.

However, as a designer, Liang Qingfan definitely had no problem with this.

Zhang Yahui simply repeated Boss Pei’s request and asked Liang Qingfan to design. He tried his best not to limit the professional’s thinking.

Liang Qingfan said, “This requirement is very clear.”

Bao Xu nodded as well. “Yes, it’s quite clear. Perhaps it’s because you just became the person-in-charge. Boss Pei was worried that you would misunderstand, so he specially gave such clear restrictions.”