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“Right now, the market’s filled with cartoonish games. While the money is good, ask yourself – do you really fancy those soulless things?!”

“Where is your pride as an artist?”

“Right now, there’s such a good opportunity with liberal demands on the style. Look at the creative space we’re given!”

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“If we were to get famous thanks to this series of original arts, our future would definitely be smooth! Who knows, we might even be able to rent a studio ourselves right after graduation!”

“Or do you want to be a nobody after graduating, joining some outsourcing company as hard labor to continue drawing in that style that you do not like at all?”

The others exchanged glances. Clearly, they were moved by Ruan Guangjian’s words.

They were all students, not experienced artists who have been out and about in the corporate world.

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In terms of art, all of them had their own ideas – they were at a phase where their inspirations were overflowing.

Who would want to be a laborer drawing those traditional pieces based on a client’s frameworks?

All of them wanted to draw in a style that they loved and was good in!

The fact that they had a client who had no demands was an extremely rare opportunity!

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Old Huang was moved as well. “Alright, you’ll make the decision then, Guangjian. We’ll help you out. How do you intend to go about it?”

“That’s the way.”

Pleased, Ruan Guangjian opened up an image on his computer.

“I intend to go with this style.”

“Epic ink oil painting style.”