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I sat on the back of the empty chair before Amano and answered: “That’s true.”

“It’s true that It will feel unnerving if you greet me jovially.”

“How mean!”

Amano looked as if that was a heavy blow. In fact, Masaya and the others were watching my interaction with Amano a little waveringly, and the atmosphere in class seemed to be affected too.

Sigh, can’t be helped.

Even I became like this after Tendo’s visit, it couldn’t be helped for Amano to be in the spotlight. I felt awkward and thought I did something I shouldn’t have, but Amano showed me a wildly happy smile.

"But thank you, Uehara-san. I was really happy that you were willing to play games together with me!"


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I felt a sense of salvation from his pure, Aguri-like smile.

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At this moment I seemed to understand the common point between the two of them.

For them… the thing they love deeply is right beside them.

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Amano has games; while Aguri has…

"? What’s the matter, Uehara-san? Your face is really red."

“N-Nothing! F-Forget that, I have something to ask you…"

"Huh? Ah, okay? W-What’s the matter…?"

Amano straightened his back a little nervously… He probably thought I will say something serious again… That made it hard for me to say it out too.

I turned silent for a moment… Staying like this won’t do either, so I made up my mind to ask Amano:

"… I can’t clear the Paradigm of Fantasia’s chapter 5 boss…”