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Meanwhile, I cut his black shadow with my sword and broke the restraints on Ria and Rose.

Then I put my hand on their chest. A strong heartbeat came back.

「Thank god.」

They suffered some external wounds, but none of them are deep.

When I heaved a sigh of relief,

「Ahaa, that’s my Allen! It looks like you got even stronger again!」

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Dodriel stood up, pushing away the rubble of the academy building with fresh blood trickling down his forehead.

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「Dodriel. This is the second time.」

This was the second time he had laid hands on Ria and Rose.

「You’ve crossed the line. Today, here and now… I will cut you!」

I released the darkness from my whole body and clad myself with『jet-black robe』.

It was blacker than all previous instances of the darkness, and it firmly attached to my body.