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“You are prohibited from entering here. You will be disqualified”

“I have an emergency case. She got a high fever and now she is unconscious. Please, allow her to rest at once.”

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As soon as I explained the situation, the teacher skipped the instructions and brought a stretcher. I laid Horikita down.

“Is she ok with retiring?”

“That’s without a question. However, let me confirm something, please. Because it is not 8 o’clock yet, her roll call has no effect, right?”

It was fifty-eight minutes past seven, it’s almost certain that we are safe.

I must win the teacher’s promise, here.

“… Certainly. She is at the very limit, but you are out.”

“I understand. One more thing. This key card, I have to return it.”

I handed over the key-card from my pocket to the teacher.

“Well, then, I am going back to the exam”

I couldn’t stay here. I was going down at the beach again, in the rain. With this, class D would lose 30 points with Horikita’s retirement and I would end up losing 5 more points with my absence during roll call.

August 7th. At last, our never-ending short life on the uninhabited island was reaching its end. Was our minimal salvation lying in the fact that we spent our time having modest fun in this cruel survival?

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There was still no sight of Mr Mashima and others when noon arrived. It was time to end.