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Chapter 12 – Magical Girl Karen 2

Today’s the second episode of Magical Girl Karen!

Karen’s doing so many things after she became a magical girl! Please look forward to it!

BUGL, it’s an evil amalgamation of gamers’ frustration.

To protect Amano- everyone from its evil power, a gamer stood up.

Her name is- Magical Girl Karen!

< Episode 2: Ultrakill>

I immediately began transforming after receiving the console-shaped item < God’s Itch> from the mysterious white fox creature, Kinta.

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My uniform dissociated into light and formed new clothes-

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“Hey, where are your lines!? Don’t just transform silently!”

I finished transforming while ignoring Kinta’s complaint. Then, I realized I’m wearing pink clothes that are even floatier than my expectation and sighed.

“This isn’t suited to battle at all. Can I get in a tracksuit instead?”



I’m terrified of Kinta’s extreme stubbornness and changed the topic.

“So, I should just fight with this thing that appeared in my transformation?”

“This is called < Happy Wand> . I think you automatically learned how to use it.”

“Up-right-up + P is magic bullets. Huh.”