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However, Huang Sibo was not going to reject it outright. He had just decided on spilling his guts for Boss Pei right before the meeting, there was no way he was going to quit just like that.

The higher the difficulty, the more he was going to work!

How else would he be able to repay Boss Pei for the wonderful benefits and trust?

As for Bao Xu, he had not thought as much as Huang Sibo.

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He was merely recalling his experience in FPS games and was considering how he should complete the mission that Pei Qian had set.

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“Any questions?” Pei Qian asked.

Huang Sibo had wanted to reply when Pei Qian had already continued, “No questions? Very well!”

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He swallowed his words back.

‘You’re not even giving us a chance to speak!’

Pei Qian circled around everyone.

“Alright, the design team will have a week to come up with the draft. Bao Xu, you’ll be in charge of the creativity aspect and the general picture of things. Huang Sibo, form the design team and start to have meetings to streamline the draft while assigning the tasks.”

“Ma Yang, your job now is to learn more from the rest of them and try to help best as you can.”