Method for making money online middle school students

Method for making money online middle school students

Haruka looked at Ichinose coldly.

“…Weird rumors, is what it seems to be. I don’t know who’s spreading them around but that’s awful…”

“It’s not that unusual, is it? This time it went too far but similar things happen occasionally, don’t they? I guess that’s the burden popular girls have to bear?”

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Airi looked perplexed, as though she had no idea about that.

“If Airi were the aggressive type like Ichinose, I’m sure there’ll be people envious of you right now though?”

That certainly may be the case. But still, it doesn’t look like Airi can even imagine herself as the aggressive type.

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She tried to think of it but it would seem she’s failed at that.

“Well, isn’t it best to not worry about it?”

Ichinose probably understands that too, Haruka said.

I continued to listen to Haruka and Airi’s conversation without joining in.

(Part 2 End)

Roughly two hours after that. The girls kept chatting and Keisei kept studying.

I’d join Airi and Haruka’s conversation from time to time while fiddling with my phone.

Haruka’s phone, which she had placed on the table, then vibrated.

“Ahh, it’s from Miyachi.”