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“Yeah. After all, if we are comparing with RPGs, Nina-senpai…and Kase-senpai, are people that treat other Game Club members as low-level reserves that should never be put to the main team, right?”


The two growled at me as if they are protesting the two of them more or less still retained some degree of humanity. However, the two are speaking while combating online and quickly demolishing other pros that don’t convince me at all.

I gave Nina-senpai a suspecting look. Then, she stared at the screen before letting out a lazy “Ahhhh” mumble.

“To say this doesn’t fit my style, I guess you’re right. But…you should have realized this. Kase and I just surprisingly can’t get over him…the incident about Keita Amano.”

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After senpai said that, Mizumi-kun and I stared at each other before smiling bitterly.

She’s right…even though Mizumi-kun and I still interacted with Amano-kun personally, and we have more or less found a compromise with our attitudes towards gaming. However, senpai’s different. To put it simply, …the two seniors wanted to apologize to him. Even so, whether that justifies going to a junior’s classroom and apologize is another question. They didn’t make any sort of serious mishap. This is an awkward situation.

Although I understand how both of them feel…I still have some questions.

“I understood, but why are you bring that up suddenly? Did something happen?”

“It’s not like something happened…it’s just that I had a chance during the summer holiday.”

“Did senpai meet with Amano-kun?”

“No, I met Fake Umehara instead.”

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“Fake Umehara?”

“Yep…he’s one of the people that stirred my emotion the most in my entire depressing life.”

“R-Really, I feel that he’s amazing…”