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Do you have a cheongsam business to make money?

He turned around and walked out.

Pei Qian quickly raised his hand. “Wait!”

Chang You, “Eh? Boss Pei, do you have other instructions?”

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Pei Qian cleared his throat, thinking about how to phrase his thoughts. He discovered that the situation was looking increasingly strange.

In the past, whenever he gave ridiculous suggestions, his subordinates would confirm his instructions with him repeatedly, clarify operational details, and then reluctantly carry them out.

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Today, Chang You did not ask a single question. Instead, he struggled internally and was prepared to carry it out!

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That wouldn’t do!

Pei Qian could not relax.

How would Pei Qian know if his subordinates understood his instructions if they did not question him or express doubt?

A single misstep could lead to dire consequences!

After some thought, Pei Qian tried asking, “Tell me what you would say during the news conference.”

Chang You confidently answered, “I’ll emphasize the cell phone’s flaws; it’s expensive and it’s heavy. After that, I will tell the audience that our cell phones are expensive because we have used the ‘following materials’, and then I’ll list out the hardware.

“Boss Pei, don’t worry. I’ll simplify everything as much as possible and only tell the customers critical information.

“After that, I’ll focus on its weight. I’ll tell them the exact mass of our cell phone, and then compare it with more commonly-bought cell phones in the market. That’ll allow everyone to have an idea of our cell phone’s weight.

“Then, I’ll tell everyone that the cell phone’s weight is mainly due to its powerful 5800 mAh battery...”

Pei Qian felt sorrowful.

It’s a good thing I asked more questions. He obviously misunderstood me!

Chang You was saying that he would talk about the cell phone’s flaws first before turning them into merits. Take the cell phone’s weight for instance. He would first acknowledge that the cell phone was a 250-gram machine, but he would then showcase the cell phone’s merits: its powerful battery and long endurance.

That was akin to following up every insult with praise.