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It might be unfair to compare commentators at the platinum and diamond level’s understanding of the game with active professional players, but the audience did not care about that.

What the audience wanted to see was professional analysis. If you didn’t have it, then I’m sorry. We want to watch someone else.

The more Zhao Xuming thought about it, the angrier he became. He had spent so much money to support the official commentator but in the end, he was inferior to the unofficial stream that Bunny Tail had pulled up at the last minute. This was ridiculous!

The two competitions for the GPL league Saturday were over at night.

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The host introduced the schedule for tomorrow’s competition after the interview. Then, the audience began to leave in an orderly manner.

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The two official commentators heaved a sigh of relief. Today’s work was finally done. They could go back and have a good rest.

It had to be said that commentating was actually a physical job. It looked simple and could be done with words, but there were actually many tricks.

The commentator had to be extremely focused throughout the entire process. He could not leave out too many details or make too many mistakes. Sometimes, after work, he had to go back to revise some gaming knowledge and surf the internet to understand the latest meme. If he cooperated with the official platform to film some other programs, he could easily work for more than ten hours.

However, before the two commentators could take off their headphones, they heard the director say, “Don’t leave yet. Come to the lounge. Boss Zhao has something to say.”

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The so-called Boss Zhao was definitely Long Yu Corporation’s Zhao Xuming.

Both commentators were stunned.

They knew Zhao Xuming, but they did not really meet or interact much with him. That was because Zhao Xuming’s level was too high. Even if there was anything, he would talk to the director and director of the ICL league project team, and then be conveyed to the commentators by the director.

What did it mean for Zhao Xuming to meet them personally this time?

The two of them went to the lounge backstage with trepidation.

However, they were stunned the moment they entered the lounge.

There were so many people!

It was not just the two of them. Even the other commentators who were not scheduled for the day were present.

All the staff in charge of OB and backstage data analysis were present apart from them. The entire lounge was filled with people.

Obviously, Zhao Xuming had already found these people while the competition was still ongoing.