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Sand danced about wildly in the desert and there were a series of sandstorms in the distance which would affect the visibility limits of the by reducing it.

The road snaked ahead – it wasn’t a straight path and there were turns every now and then.

The water in the kettle had boiled over.

Qiao Liang was driving as he sank into his thoughts.

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What am I doing?

What should I be doing?

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What does this game hope for me to do?

He had been driving for three minutes now. Indeed, there were several turns, but...

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There was nothing else that interested him besides that!

Driving, turning, looking at sandstorms in the distance. Other than that, the game had nothing else.

In fact, there wasn’t even any other cars on this desert road!

Qiao Liang wanted to go cook his noodles and he pressed for the menu button.

However, there was no reaction.

Qiao Liang: “???”