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He still had 20 million yuan left to operate the System Funds even if he bought another 120 million yuan building. If he were to seriously incur losses, it would not be a problem to earn hundreds of thousands or a million yuan.

At the very least, it would not be a problem to burn the tens of millions of yuan that he had earned from selling the copyrights.

Thus, Pei Qian called Liang Qingfan and told him to look for a new building in advance.

He had to keep an eye on it in advance so that he could spend it immediately once the money was in place.

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On the other end of the line, Liang Qingfan pondered for a moment and asked, “Boss Pei, should we continue to buy residential buildings? Can we consider shops?”

Pei Qian was stunned. “Shops?”

“Which location?”

Liang Qingfan said, “Er... it’s in a more remote area. There’s no guarantee of its appreciation potential, but it should be alright.”

Pei Qian was a little more relaxed now.

He would definitely make a huge profit if it was a shop in the city center.

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That was because the most important thing about a shop was its location. The difference in customer traffic between good and bad zones was more than ten fold. It directly determined the potential of the shop to appreciate.

It would be alright if it was in a more remote area.

There was the potential for appreciation but it should not be comparable to those prosperous shops.

Pei Qian would earn no matter whether he bought residential buildings or shops, in prime locations or in remote areas.

Since that was the case, he could buy some shops in a slightly more remote place. The fixed assets in his hands would be more diversified, and it could reduce the risk of suddenly making a huge profit.

At that thought, Pei Qian nodded. “Alright, buy as much as you want. Tell me if you don’t have enough money.”

At the snack market near the Thriller Hostel.