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Cyberpunk would usually choose a day that was indistinguishable from night or dark and rainy weather. This was because the neon lights could be displayed perfectly at night. On the other hand, the wet road would reflect the neon lights on a rainy night. In addition, the dark sky hinted at criminal activities that were happening in this high-tech city at any time. Coupled with the mist in the air and the contamination of the various lights, the entire atmosphere would be perfect.

The feeling of Cyberpunk would definitely be weakened if it was a sunny day and all the scenes could be seen.

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The weather in Jingzhou was considered normal. There were not many foggy days and rainy days. Therefore, the conditions to perfectly achieve the effect of Cyberpunk were rather harsh.

It was also impossible for Liang Qingfan to change Jingzhou’s weather and climate. If he had the ability, he would not have only been an architect. He would have gone to work at the Meteorological Bureau long ago.

If he wanted to achieve the best effect, he would definitely use a huge shell to cover the entire Subopunk Food Street. He would create a fake exterior inside, including the dark sky and the tall buildings with flashing neon lights in the distance. However, the cost of this plan was too huge. There was no need for it at the current stage.

After all, Cyberpunk Food Street had not been officially opened. It was hard to say if the tourists would accept it.

It would not be too late to consider adding more investments when the snack market became popular.

What Liang Qingfan had thought of was a more neutral method: he would set up a large number of sprays in the snack market and the surroundings to create a mist. These mists would be slightly blocked and hidden by the surrounding buildings, but it would also make the surrounding environment feel slightly wet.

There would also be corresponding lights around the spray, which would make the spray look more blurry.

Tourists would be able to see the original Cyberpunk at night that way.

The effect might be better on a cloudy day during the day. He would let nature take its course on a sunny day.

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For example, many attractions only looked good at certain times. That was why there was a difference between the peak season and the light season. It was not impossible to play when the light season came. The experience was not as perfect as the high season but it would not be as crowded when there were few people.

It was definitely the best time to come to the snack market at night. However, there were not that many people if they came at noon or in the afternoon. Some popular stalls could be eaten without queuing. It was also a good choice.

The snack bazaar was entering the finishing line. It was estimated that it would be officially opened in about a month.

Zhang Yahui had already selected the first batch of outstanding vendors to enter the snack market. These vendors were good at different snacks. Zhang Yahui encouraged them to look at the contents of the Cyberpunk theme and try to make similar food.

They had to try their best to make them special even if it was just simple meat skewers and hamburgers. They had to try their best to make them as delicious as possible so that they could stand out among the vendors.

Of course, even if Zhang Yahui did not say anything, these vendors would definitely think of ways to improve their taste and launch new products to attract customers.

After all, there was intense competition between vendors.