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“Hah! Thou can’t hide in the forest and run around anymore!”

I’ll end it in an instant. My fist, empowered by this breakthrough……


His fist, his shoulder moved. Is this fellow aiming to counter me?

The opponent is a man who countered Machio’s fist without fear.

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That said, against me? He underestimates… hmm? Nay. The toes and knee orientation to use the counter…… isn’t it? Shockwave?

Wait, before that, this fellow, why is he facing elsewhere…

“Hehe, 【Great Demon Look Away】”

“…… ah…”

Drat!? I was so taken aback by the ‘look away’ that I also looked away, and stopped my attacking hand.

“You’re a Six Supremacy, and yet you still fell for it.”


By the time I noticed, Earth Lagann went around behind me… a flicker!? Nay, that shoulder movement is… a left feint followed by his right…… this fellow, the line of sight is on my body… huh? But by his footwork, will he step back next? Why? Is thou unwilling to attack as I am full of gaps?

“【Great Demon Back Slide】!”

“…… Ha?”