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Block 8 and 9 had 180 degrees curved floor-to-ceiling windows facing the park and the artificial lake. Nothing could be seen from outside, but the scene inside the room was already a world of difference!

The Shundong Gardens Residential-Commercial Building was completed earlier since there was no need for hard installations. However, the changes were not as obvious there.

Liang Qingfan was at the top floor of Block 8 in the Binhu District and looked at the room that had been largely renovated. There was only one feeling in his heart: he did not fail in his mission!

Boss Pei gave him so much money for renovations, where was his pride as an architect if he could not do a good job?

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The construction team was still finishing up.

Liang Qingfan had just inspected the 30 odd houses in Binhu District and found some minor problems where he was arranging for a construction team to resolve. They were all in their own industry so they had to be as dedicated as possible to ensure that all rooms were all up to standard.

In addition, Liang Qingfan also strictly followed the requirements of Boss Pei. They used as many environmentally-friendly items for renovations and furniture as possible. There would definitely not be any situation where there was excessive formaldehyde; everything would meet national standards.

During the renovation period, the videographers who came to shoot from time to time had a large number of high-definition video materials waiting to be edited later on.

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Liang Qingfan had already decided whom to send for editing.

Send them directly to Fei Huang Workspace!

Fei Huang Workspace was Tengda’s own industry. It did not matter how much money they would spend since it was a left pocket, right pocket issue. Liang Qingfan mainly felt that Fei Huang Workspace would definitely be more careful than other companies.

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Collecting materials for a video might be important, but editing and post-production were even more critical.

The cameraman had recorded all key points of the renovation process, but the orders of shots were messy and unorganized.