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As for Ishizaki, I feel like him being put in the same group with me is the main cause for this. Feeling anger and frustration without any outlet, he may be taking it out on anyone who isn't me.

"In any case, I need to work hard too as the leader......".

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Keisei, with a bomb strapped onto him, is desperately trying to unite the group somehow.

"You boys have it rough too~".

"S-Somehow I feel like we're the ones out of place here".

"Isn't that just fine? If you guys are doing fine, then that also puts our minds at ease. Right?".

What Akito says is correct.

Even though I'm getting information from Kei, there are still parts of the girls' situation I cannot see. If Haruka and Airi are in the same group, advancing steadily without any problems whatsoever, then that just means we can afford to focus more on ourselves.

It's finally Tuesday, the 6th day of our training camp. And as such, I began to hear some rather strange complaints coming from the boys. That they're starting to miss the opposite sex. Complaints like that. Somehow, I feel like the number of boys looking forward to dinner has increased.

Being surrounded by boys like yourself certainly is calming but it's not exactly glamorous.

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"Ahh, shit. I feel like I'm starting to lose my mind surrounded by guys".

"I'd already be dead if this were a boys' school".

That opinion was expressed equally by everyone in the group.