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“If nothing continues to happen, this time we should probably remain quiet and obedient. But it’s very risky that the stolen underwear case remains unresolved. If the culprit is still nearby, from now on we should probably hold him back from achieving other successes. That’s why I want to catch the culprit as soon as possible.”

“So, do you want me to collaborate with you?”

“Yeah. Now that cracks started to appear on the male side, there are many things which I can’t do alone.”

Boys and girls were now in the middle of a cold war. Information from both parts had been cut off and it was hard to find them out even if we went out to explore.

“Understood. I don’t know if it’ll help but I’ll cooperate.”

When I replied so frankly, on the contrary, Horikita had a doubtful face.

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“…I can understand things a bit…. Do you have any other aim?”

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“It’s better for you to accept other people’s favours amenably. As a man, I’m quite dissatisfied with the fact that other men have been treated like thieves. My motive to collaborate is enough.”

Earlier before, Hirata asked me to be responsible for the situation but it shouldn’t change anything.

“Well, let it go. It’s settled then.”

But the culprit wasn’t stupid. First of all, under the situation of being suspected by all the members of the class, he wouldn’t give himself away or show his true colours. Horikita may still think it’ll all be okay even in the worst situations. When we’ve already been disturbed on this trial more than this, it had an effect on the points too.

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However, about the culprit…. Ibuki will probably have to take action once again. No, it has to happen for sure. Because she didn’t achieve her goal yet.

“Such a serious face. Treating someone like a criminal like that is not to your liking?”