Is it true if it is true online?

Is it true if it is true online?

“This is precisely the brilliance of language. If it is just to simply express the meaning, then ‘fight’ or ‘strive’ would obviously be better. These two words are more positive and in time with the original meaning.

“But the word ‘struggle’ not only means to fight or strive. Combined with the background story in English, it is easy to find the pun: the rich are striving while the poor are struggling.

“Looking back at the Chinese translation of the word ‘fighting’ after understanding it will add a layer of irony. You know that, even though it is all a struggle, the struggles of the rich and poor are hardly the same thing.

“The struggles of the rich are in the ethereal cloud. You can only fight if you fly up. If you don’t want to fight, you can lie down and roll. However, no matter how you struggle, you will still be in amongst the clouds...

“However, the struggle of the poor is always sinking into the quagmire, and hard work is just to prevent oneself from falling any deeper. Once they stop struggling, they will be swallowed by the quagmire.

“[3] Why are the characters in the game so lacking in individuality?

“When playing games, everyone would find that the rich are handsome and glamorous while different poor people are in line without stereotypes of such people.

“The style of the game exaggerated the appearance, demeanor, and expression of each character so that they no longer look like the faces of real people.

“This obviously was not in line with the theme of the game because the realism theme wanted to highlight the sense of reality. It must be as real as possible, and the facial features and exaggerated art would weaken this sense of reality.

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“On the one hand, it weakened the player’s discomfort; on the other hand, it always allowed players not to indulge in the perspective of the character itself. To look at these issues with a higher dimension and a more detached mentality.

“The facial makeup was the highly condensed image of each character. At the same time, it also symbolizes that the story of Struggle is the highly condensed story of many stories.

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“In the game, each face is used to represent a certain type of person, and the game also uses the lives of a rich and a poor person to reflect the lives of the poor and the rich.

“It was the same with publicity. It was obviously an implicit expression full of symbolism.

“[4] Why does the game only have one ending and cannot be changed?

“The rich will be killed no matter how they choose. The poor will fall into a poverty cycle no matter how they choose.

“At the beginning, I thought this is fatalistic thinking, implying that you cannot change your own destiny no matter how hard you worked.

“But I quickly realized that this is clearly wrong.

“The reason is very simple... because the producer of this game, Boss Pei, is not a person who believes in fatalism!