What is the 0 investment to make money online?

What is the 0 investment to make money online?

“I can assure you that at least one of the two ways to make money can be realized.”

“The first is that the cold-faced lady continues to generate profits. As the cold-faced lady’s major shareholder, you will receive dividends for a long period of time. You will gain long-term benefits if you hold on until we are listed. The second is that once more capital enters, you can leave whenever you want. The longer you hold, the higher the value, and the more you will earn!”

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“As for incurring losses, I promise you that this will not happen.”

“Up until now, every step of Cold-Faced Lady’s development was in accordance to my plan. Your investment will definitely be able to reap rich rewards without any risk of incurring losses as long as we continue to develop step by step!”

“Therefore, I hope that you can persevere for at least another three months, no, a month. You will definitely see a return! Of course, it would be even better if you could invest more money...”

Pei Qian fell into a long minute of silence.

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Then, he picked up his teacup. “Send the guest out!”

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Meng Chang was shocked. “Eh? Boss Pei!”

He looked at Boss Pei, then at He Desheng, his mind blank.

What was going on? Didn’t things just take a turn for the better? Why did Boss Pei’s face suddenly collapse?

Did I say something wrong?

He Desheng stood up. “Please.”

Meng Chang refused to give up. He wanted to say something more to try and change Boss Pei’s mind. However, seeing Boss Pei’s resolute attitude, he hesitated again and again before giving up.

That was because he knew that he would be on the losing end if he was concerned. If he lost his composure now because of his anxiety, he would easily expose himself in front of Boss Pei. Boss Pei would only be more determined to retreat.

Retreat for now. Things might take a turn for the better in two days once Boss Pei’s emotions settle down.

There was no other way.

At that thought, Meng Chang could only nod reluctantly. “Alright, Boss Pei. Take your time to think about it.”

He Desheng sent Meng Chang off and returned to the guest room.