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“I don’t hate it…but…I suck at gaming, and I don’t know much…”

“Me too. I suck at gaming, and I don’t have any deep knowledge.”

“Forget about all those first, my situation is that I didn’t play at all…”

“I’ll also always come to the realization that I’ve played nothing but mobile games, that’s not an issue.”

“…You might be right. But…I still feel like..”

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Aguri-san’s eyes are rolling around like they have nowhere to go. Honestly…I don’t want to force a person to like my hobbies, especially when they expressed their rejection sincerely. This is true, but her situation is…

I decided to drop the issue between Chiaki and Uehara-kun first. Then, I started talking to Aguri-san calmly based on my own opinions.

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“…Don’t you and Uehara-kun go to the arcade often?”

“That’s not so much about loving to play games…it’s just that I feel happy when I’m clawing dolls with Tasuku…That’s why I go with him…”

“Then, why can’t you put that motive onto the Game Hobby Club? Don’t you want to enjoy the time with Uehara-kun?”

“Eh? Uh, maybe that’s the case. But as a gaming noob, I’m scared that I’ll say something that I’m not supposed to say…”

“By now, do you really think that Uehara-kun and I will be annoyed by a person with no gaming sense or whatsoever?”

“I don’t think so…but Hoshinomori-san’s there, also Tendou-san’s joining…Think about it, if someone wanted to join as well, they’d most likely find the girl who sticks to her boyfriend annoying-“

She rapidly spewed a string of reasons for not joining the Game Hobby Club.