What kind of work can I do online online?

What kind of work can I do online online?

Withered air.

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That guy was the only one in this desolate world.

「…So, you were my spirit core after all.」

「A”a? Aaー… I see. Well, for now, we can stick to that perception.」 that guy sat on a huge rock with a cracked surface, and muttered something under his breath.

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「So then, why did you come here, Allen? Did you finally decide to hand over your body to me, E”e?」

「Obviously not. If I hand it over to you, you’d simply go on a rampage again.」

「Gyahahahaha! Well that’s… because it’s funny that you wouldn’t use the power you have, right? Going on a rampage, and destroying, and having fun… you should live in the moment… nA”a?」

I don’t like that way of life – living only for the moment.

「I don’t agree with you. I want to live a modest and long life.」

「Long, huh… What a boring way to live…」he grumbled, while shrugging his shoulders.

「Anyway – Never in this lifetime am I going to hand over my body to you. It’s only obvious, looking back on what you did the last time.」

He drove Sid-san to a half-dead state.

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No, not just that. If Ria hadn’t stopped me then, I’m sure I would’ve killed him without any hesitation.

「Last time…? A”a, didn’t I save your life both times?」

「…『Both times』? You speak as though there were two instances.」

Certainly, during the fight with Sid-san… this guy saved my life.