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Main-san froze for a moment because of her illogical choice. However, the demon king-sama is incredible. She immediately canceled her ultimate and dodged Tendou-san’s energy ball.

“Hey, hey, Karen Tendou. That’s not even a bad strategy. You’re literally just suiciding.”

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Main-san shrugged helplessly and sighed. I think it’s because she’s genuinely disappointed. Even the mood of the audience got heavy. Then, Main-san continued.

“You disappoint me-“

-However, Main-san stopped. After that…


All of us are holding our breaths too.

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To ask why-

It’s because for some reason, right there- on the screen of the two’s aerial battle-

A being that’s no place to be here-

-Another character showed up from outside the screen.


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When everyone and Main-san are shocked, this character-

-She stepped on Tendou-san’s character’s head.

With her as a jumping board, she then-

-She finally and brilliantly jumped on Main-san’s character’s head.