Is it true if you write novels on the Internet?

Is it true if you write novels on the Internet?

Then, Sadiz, who was usually expressionless or grinning like an idiot, smiled at this moment...

“Right now, I’m on an after-school date with the boy I’m holding hands with.”

After that, I got very embarrassed, but I was happy and excited, and I didn’t really remember how we got home or what kind of conversation we had.

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But looking back, that’s a line she said because she treated me like a younger brother or a child.

It always fueled my first love, and it had always dominated me.

It must have been broken off after the match.

Despite that, even now I still think back on that moment, I still have a long way to go after all.

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“Damn... what am I doing... don’t frivolously hold hands with a kid and a natural airheaded woman...”

A little while ago, I was so carefree and fluffy that I felt ashamed of myself.

“Look at me! I’m getting stronger! I can’t get swayed like this! I’m going to win! I’ll win! No matter who it is!”

I’m going to become so strong that I won’t feel so feminine when I remember that.

And I’ll win! I’ll win! I’ll win!

Whoever’s the opponent is!

『Hmm...... somehow... before the match... Hiro, Mamu, and that maid all had similar expressions when you said as much.』