Is the online brush shaking point like money?

Is the online brush shaking point like money?

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"Screw going out shopping sadly with these three bastards. Haruki, I'm leaving the rest up to you. Choose an item that Kokoro-chan would love" Ike said.

"Don't joke around. You were the one who suggested this, live up to your own words" Yamauchi retorted to him.

Those two exchanging complaints. I got in between Ike and Yamauchi who were in the middle of their conflict.

"Calm down a bit. It'll be fine if the three of us just go and buy it. Sudou's already entrusted us with his portion of the points too" I told them.

"That's true, but I feel like we don't need all three of us to do it".

"We've already come this far. We can just quickly buy it and go back".

Since if we disband now I'd feel slightly lonely, I tried persuading them with those words.

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"It'll be more of a waste of time and energy if we keep arguing in this scorching heat" I told them.

"Ahhhh---fine, I got it. Let's just quickly buy and go back. Ahh---this is boring.

Contrary to those two who had completely lost their excitement, I headed towards the shop with a slight excitement.

Even among the shops one does not normally enter alone, we came in particular to a shop where girls frequently spend their time. The clerk was a high-level, older beauty. And furthermore, the interior of the shop was colored all pink. It exudes an aura that would normally prevent a man from coming here alone. It seems ranging from stuffed toys to cell phone accessories, all things unnecessary for studies are on display here. I suppose this can be considered as exploiting private points from the students.

"I suppose since those points are also being issued to us from the school there's no real loss" I muttered.

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"What are you going on about? Help us decide what to buy too".

What I'm thinking is that the two of you should feel ashamed, looking at the beautiful clerk and the other female customers in the shop. Even though you both claimed to hate doing this, you sure changed your opinions quickly.

After that we split up and circled the shop to find a good birthday present to buy. But of course, from the start I had no intention of choosing the birthday present. It was because I had no idea what would make a good present or not to choose from.

"What would she like...I have no idea".

This is my first time giving someone a birthday present. But since the three of us were collectively buying this present, it's a blurry line when it comes to whether or not it fits in the category of a "first" for me.

In any case, I am inexperienced in regards to this. In addition to that, my knowledge of the matter is shallow, and the only things I could think of as appropriate gifts were "bonquet of roses" and "ring". Things that are far separated from common sense. But that was no longer just a birthday present but a proposal to the girl. After circling the shop once, I rendezvoused with Yamauchi. In Yamauchi's hands was a small, white stuffed bear. On the other hand, I was holding a cell phone cover in my hands.