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The 5 high school boys smiled bitterly at each other. After we looked around, Amano…reached the same conclusion as we did regarding a lost child.

“Well, we’ll send her to the police…”

However, after Amano said that, Mii slammed the soda onto the table. She pouted and turned to Amano.

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“No, I hate finding the police. I feel like things would escalate that way.”

“In reality, I think this is pretty serious…”

“…But, …mom will be upset if things escalated….”

“Ah, …I see. That’s…true. Hmm…”

Amano realized it, and his face looks a bit awkward. He’s exceptionally aware of other people’s looks and who he is troubling. So, I guess he can understand how Mii feels.

Following that, Mii mumbled quietly to the point that we almost can’t hear her.

“…After all, …my ownership belongs to my mom…”

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“Eh? Ownership? What? Ah, …you mean guardianship?”

“…No, it’s ownership. My mom said that.”


Amano tilted his head confusingly. Mizumi tried to make progress and explained.

“Anyway, that’s what happened for now. However, I think Mii did have a point when she said she doesn’t want to escalate this. So, we planned to look around for an hour. Of course, we’ll have to pay the police a visit if she still can’t meet up with her family.”

Amano nodded deeply at what he said.

“I see. Then, the four of you listened to Mii’s situation. …In the end, everyone couldn’t bear to leave, so things dragged out like this.”