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Focus on the collection of online free games to make money platform

Boss Pei had already done his best. Meng Chang felt that he had nothing to be greedy for.

His top priority now was to solve the last mystery and make his “Pei Family’s publicity method” complete.

At that time, he would be able to get as much commission as he wanted; he would get a few months if he wanted to.

It would be the perfect scenario, right?

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Meng Chang had a vague feeling when he saw the players’ sporadic comments, but it was still not clear enough.

After all, the glasses and ‘Animal Island’ had just been released for sale. Most people were still experiencing it. The feedback of the players could not be reflected on the internet so quickly.

At that moment, Meng Chang’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Teacher Qiao had a new video!

The title of the video was: Another performance art-style announcement after 28 months!

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Meng Chang clicked on it immediately without any hesitation.

It was indeed a video related to the VR glasses!

As an old acquaintance of Tengda Corporation, Teacher Qiao could always make unique interpretations from special angles.

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Previously, Meng Chang had been keeping a close eye on Teacher Qiao, afraid that he would ruin his plans.

However, his mood was completely different now.

Could Teacher Qiao’s unique perspective be able to inspire him and answer his confusion?

“Hey, y’all. I am still your Teacher Qiao.