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Although Aguri and I were quite confused, we feel like we shouldn’t ask them what’s going on. So, we just left it there.

An eerie silence fell onto us, and I can hear the sisters talking to each other on the corridor.

“…There’s an e-mail with a weird title, I saw its notification on the browser. I didn’t look at the content, but I feel like I should let you know.”

“Eh, really? This should be important. I’ll check it out…oh.”

Hoshinomori’s abruptly stopped. At the same time, Amano’s phone vibrated for a second. When he grabbed the phone to confirm its content, the sisters started talking again.

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“Hm? Your phone’s ringing, that’s rare…Eh? Meh, it’s just the game’s notification.”

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During this time, Amano looked away from the screen of his phone with a confused face. Just as we are trying to figure out what’s going on, we heard Hoshinomori’s explanation from the corridor.

“Oh, right, this period is filled with special activities, I need to complete the missions…”

“Huh? I need to do that too.”

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Amano looked at his phone and the corridor over and over again. At this point, only I realized the situation before Tendou and Aguri.

“Right, both of them play the same mobile game and should get the same notification.”

While this is entirely logical, the problem is…

I immediately knocked my chair without meaning it.