A variety of online money app hazards

A variety of online money app hazards

Because I may yet incur his resentment for not extending a helping hand despite knowing of his struggle.

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Should I provide the minimum backup required to keep him from receiving a red card? Or should I take a certain degree of action to send this group skyrocketing?

Or perhaps I should just hope that this problem resolves itself and keep on observing?

I quickly ruled out the option of observing inside my head.

The presence of Kouenji will probably cause anxieties in the future as well. I suppose I should hurry up and make a move. I slowed down and joined Kouenji, who's running nonchalantly behind me. Even as I approached him, Kouenji did not so much as spare me a glance.

Looks like he won't take a single step outside of his own world unless I give him a knock.

"Hey, Kouenji. Would you mind treating them a little more mildly?".

"By them, are you referring to the group, Ayanokouji Boy?".

"Yeah. The other students are in a state of confusion. Not everyone's as incredible as you are".

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"Ha. Ha. Ha. Certainly I am a one and only unique existence. However, don't you think it's the height of stupidity for me to slow down just so the masses can keep up?".

"Well.....I don't know what's right and what's not......".

"What are you thinking of doing?".

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"I'm thinking it'd be great if the group's able to achieve a relatively good score. I'd like to avoid expulsion".

"If you desire that then you'll have no other choice but to work for it, right?".

"For the record, I'm talking to you now because I intend on working for it".

Our feet. I could hear the sound of them stomping down on the ground. Kouenji seems to have immediately returned to his own world and so he didn't respond.

As I thought, it's impossible.