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And this was the promised situation.

A Great Magic Spiral in both hands, I have never seen that before. Two surging spirals create a huge swirl, causing a catastrophe in the Vier world.

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Even though I didn’t laugh out loud, the smiling Tre’ainar looked very angry.

I didn’t laugh… I endured… Forgive me…

…… And then I woke up.

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“Hah, hah… ah~… so much night sweats…”

The room in which I was allocated at the church.

My sleepwear, as I got up from the bed, was drenched with sweat.

Even though I diligently took a bath when I finished training.

“Fuh~… even though it’s a dream, being killed is exhausting… not a good way to wake up…”

『Tis your own fault… laughing over and over again at my expense…』

“B, because…”

Tre’ainar, who killed me in the dream world, was angry at my bedside.

『Are you prepared? That yoga is not merely for learning Magical Breathing, is it? Concentration, meditation… they will surely lead to gaining ‘another’ power.』