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Instead of following her, there’s probably a higher chance of meeting her if I try to go the opposite way.

Making up my mind, I decided to go to the toy section in the department store that is the furthest from school and has the worst selection of games.

Going up the escalator, I went towards the toy section, feeling a bit out of place. Walking up to the video game display, I looked around for Tendo-san, but I didn’t see her nearby.

“(Looks like she’s not here…)”

Even though she wasn’t there, I wasn’t disappointed. I felt that if I got to find her, it would be a great deal. …Well, I didn’t really profit though.

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Because I didn’t see Tendo-san, I went to the counter to see if there was a copy of Kurikure.

“Um… well, this area’s pretty messy…”

That’s typical of a department store. There’s something that looks like a new releases section, but there were games from over a month ago. But it looked kind of strange, so it looked great for finding weird games. However—

“So, um, Chri… Christmas Idol? So you guys don’t have that game!?”

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Suddenly, the voice of a male who sounded too old to be in the toy department rang out. I looked towards the source of the voice.

In front of the counter was a 40-something man who was pressing the clerk for answers. He was wearing a white shirt with the top button unfastened and was holding a jacket in his right hand. It looked like he was an office worker, but he was also wearing chinos, so I .

“(He has a somewhat rough appearance, but still looks strangely handsome…)”

One reason for his rough appearance is because he’s somewhat good-looking, but seeing him desperately asking the clerk for the game looks straight out of a drama.

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Feeling slightly nervous, the clerk said, “Like I said, we don’t have the game Christmas Idol at this store…”, but he slammed his fist against the counter and sent an earnest gaze to the clerk.

“In the first place, it might not even be called Christmas Idol!”


At the same time as the clerk did, I raised my voice. He glanced at me for a second, but turned back to her.

Oddly, my heart started beating faster.

“(W-what is this? Are they actors? It’s completely like they’re on a stage…)”