What are the online virtual money?

What are the online virtual money?

“What the hell is this?!”

“This is too much!”

Zhao Xuming was even angrier when he saw this post.

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He had already noticed that many veteran European and American clubs had Tengda’s sponsorship logo on their uniforms.

GOG’s logo was actually on the team uniform on the stage of IOI’s international finals. That was too embarrassing.

This matter was like a thorn in Zhao Xuming’s heart, this thorn burrowed deeper into his heart after this Weibo post was up.

How did the clubs become Tengda’s sons?

Once this picture was posted, it gave the netizens a feeling that the clubs in the finals were from Tengda and had nothing to do with Finger Games.

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This was akin to riding their faces into the ground!

“Boss Pei had already sponsored these clubs a few months ago. Now that I think about it, he is really sinister!”

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“If we continue like this, GOG’s logo would appear on screen, be it in the small windows of the players in the competition or in the interviews after the competition. Wouldn’t that be akin to advertising for GOG?”

“What’s more, the more powerful teams there are left, the more frequent this situation would become...”

Zhao Xuming suddenly realized that this was a very serious problem especially if they were to think about the beautiful web of interconnectedness of the situation.

In the semifinals, perhaps all four teams would have GOG’s logo on them. After the competition, they would be able to see GOG’s logo no matter which team went on stage...