how to retire at 55 with no money

how to retire at 55 with no money

“Let’s not talk about anything else. How many companies and laboratories in the country are researching this direction? Almost all cell phone manufacturers are working on their own artificial intelligence assistants, not to mention the lead that is Xunke Technologies.”

“What’s the point of fighting them to the death in this field?”

“We might as well buy the technology available from the information science department directly. We can just split a portion of people to make up for it.”

“Second, the ceiling is too low. The goal is not long term.

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“Even if there are some results, how much profit can they bring us?”

“It’s just to make AEEIS’s artificial intelligence more diverse and produce a few more smart gadgets. However, we can do these, but can’t other companies?”

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“How rich can the functions of AEEIS’s artificial intelligence be? Can it bring any substantial experience to our cell phone users?”

“Obviously, this is a low-risk and low-income area.

“If we want to do low-risk and low-income things, we can just buy ready-made technology. Why should we set up our own laboratory?”

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“Therefore, we must choose a high-risk, high profit direction!”

“It doesn’t matter if we don’t achieve critical results in a year or two and continue to incur losses. We have to set our goals further!”

“In other words, you can research in any direction, but you cannot continue to research in this direction. You can spend as much money as you want to research. Your goal must be long term.”

“Of course, don’t keep holding back your big moves and drilling into the bull’s horns. Even if you give small results occasionally, that’s still results!”