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That meant that no matter what the players wrote as their epitaphs, 99%!o(MISSING)f them would be toyed by Boss Pei and mocked repeatedly by him!

That would definitely create an excellent effect that discouraged the players from continuing with the game. Combined with the refund mechanism that never expired, Pei Qian would lose huge numbers of sales volume and money.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Thinking about it made Pei Qian extremely happy! Furthermore, seeing how Teacher Qiao was doubting himself, Pei Qian’s mood turned for the better.

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Pei Qian could only tell himself this:

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Although inflicting harm onto each other was bad, it made him extremely happy!

September 17th…

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At Shang Yang Games…

The mobile version of the Bloody Battle Song: The Powerful Version had been developed. The data in the client-side desktop version were interconnected with the mobile version. Players could log in with their accounts directly.

The changes to the controls of the game were much lesser than expected. After all, the original controls simply included clicking on the screen repetitively.

After changing the user interface in the web-based version to suit the mobile version, Wang Xiaobin and Ye Zhizhou tested it out and found that the hand sensitivity of the game was quite good.

Comparing the gameplay and functions of the mobile and desktop versions, there was not much difference. The mobile version might even be more convenient than the desktop version.

Comparing the gaming experience, the mobile version was very successful in adapting the desktop version. Of course, the true success of the mobile version could only be determined from the players’ reviews when the game was published.

While others were busy with the final alterations, Lin Wan had contacted the application store in-charge for the apps in Shenhua’s cell phones. She had arranged for the best recommendation channels for Bloody Battle Song: The Powerful Version. Currently, Shenhua Corporation’s main focus was on their cell phones. They did not emphasize as much on mobile applications. The changes to the old application store were merely a step to explore and test the waters.

After all, the development of mobile games was at its peak. Every company that had its own customer base was considering developing app distribution platforms to monetize their user volume.

Shenhua’s decision to create an application store and a games market was expected by everyone.