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“It’s fine, Amano-kun. This is different than the last time.”

“No…no, no, no, no, no! It’s okay if I went through some kind of training or a brutal battle to gain more experience! My skills are really the same as last time! No, I’m mostly playing clicking games or games that require me pressing options only. My skills may have rusted even more!”

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Just as I yelled this declaration out, …everyone in the Game Club looked at each other gimmicky.

Just as I’m tilting my head to express my confusion, in the next moment, Kase-senpai suddenly announced loudly.

“Then we’ll start the match now! I’ll team up with Mizumi, Tendou will be with Amano. Including AI characters, this will be a 6v6 team deathmatch! Begin!”

“Eh? U-Uwah!”

The match started right away, I was pushed onto the battlefield when I haven’t even started hesitating.

The screen is displaying a section of the streets in ruins: exfoliated concrete walls, broken glass windows, and a bunch of rubble.

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This is just an ordinary and typical battlefield in FPS, …but I can’t be more nervous.

The countdown of the match ended quickly, the game has finally begun.

The AI soldiers started charging at their best, and I just looked at them dazedly.

During this time, a solider suddenly turned around in front of me. The name “Player 3” is displaying above his head, …it seems that’s the soldier controlled by Tendou-san.

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I thought Tendou-san was urging me to charge for a moment, so I immediately start to panic…However, in the next moment, her character started floor dancing, which was a move purely for fun.


I can’t help but look up from the game screen and towards Tendou-san. She also looked away from the screen and replied with a smile. Her hands even left the buttons and gave me a thumbs up.