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Chen Yufeng deliberated for a moment before saying, “E-Sports competition is indeed a good choice. The audience with the highest visibility on our website are that of E-Sports competition after all. There are still many E-Sports audience who insist on watching the competition on our website when other types of audience are lost.”


“We already have the ICL and GPL competitions. The competition schedule for these two competitions is very dense. What’s more, we can only organize some live-stream and friendly competitions at most. How can the attention level compare to these two formal competitions?”

This question stumped Ma Yang. His long face revealed a thoughtful expression and he did not reply for a long time.

That seemed to be the case thinking about it.

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However, Old Ma was obviously not someone who would give up easily. He thought hard for a while. “So, what’s the main problem?”

Chen Yufeng was silent for a moment. “There are two problems. The first is it would not look good if the competition is not professional enough. The second is that the competition that we organize is very difficult to distinguish from the two leagues.”

Ma Yang pondered for a moment. “Why don’t we organize a competition that is professional enough and can be distinguished from the other two leagues then?”

Chen Yufeng opened his mouth, speechless.

He had thought that Boss Ma’s words were rather nonsensical. Those two were the top players in the professional league. Why should we organize a competition that was more professional than them?

However, Chen Yufeng thought about it carefully and realized that there seemed to be a way.

“If we force it...”

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“We can organize the original members of DGE’s two teams, and then organize a team battle with FV Team and SUG Team!”

“These four teams definitely represent the highest level of GOG and IOI in the country.”