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"Huuuuuh? Definitely not, that ugly girl! I'm absolutely not thinking about her!" Ike quickly retorted.

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Indeed, if compared to someone like Kushida, it might be the case but Shinohara is also a girl who's plenty cute. Her personality surely isn't the best but that too could be counted as part of her charm.

"Are you telling the truth? Something seems fishy here, right Ayanokouji?" Yamauchi turned to ask me.

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"I certainly wasn't a very Ike-like response" I told him.

Even though he had a welcoming attitude towards all the other girls, Ike seemed to blatantly dislike Shinohara. In a sense, that means it can be taken as proof that he is conscious about Shinohara. But it doesn't seem like Ike is keen on admitting that, he was vehemently denying it.

"You guys, don't misunderstand this. Listen up, about Shinohara. If I go out with a girl with an attitude as bad as she has and as ugly as she is, I would be so embarrassed I wouldn't be able to go outside anymore. I absolutely refuse" Ike denied it.

Yamauchi and I both realized a certain presence at the same time and panickedly tried to change the subject.

"I got it, I got it. We already get it. Let's choose Kokoro-chan's present".

"No, you still don't understand. The degree to which I think Shinohara is ugly. Please listen. Firstly, it's not just her face that's ugly but also her personality. And on top of it all, her body is also lacking. In any case, it's like she's the ugliest among the uglies---" Ike continued.

"W-we understand that. Cut it out already, Kanji. Because, behind you---" Yamauchi trailed off.

"Huh? Behind?".

The Ike who had been going on about how much he hated Shinohara passionately, slowly turned around. When he did, he saw the form of Shinohara who seemed to almost be breathing fire as well as her group of friends. And amongst them, there was also Kushida.

I suppose it was only natural. If they were intending on picking a birthday present for Inokashira, it would be no surprise if they also happened to pick the same place.

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"Ike should just go and die!".

Leaving behind those violent words, Shinohara angrily left the shop. It seems Ike, who was left behind, didn't even have the words to reply to her since he only absentmindedly stared at the leaving back of Shinohara.